Every Single Feature

Saving you $100s or $1000s of dollars in software expenses,

not to mention the headaches of Zapier and virtual tech support.

Saving you $100s or $1000s of dollars in software expenses, not to mention the headaches of Zapier and virtual tech support.

Conversation Chat Stream

Centralizes communication from email, social media, SMS, etc., into a single dashboard.

📋Enables real-time tracking and management of customer interactions.

🔍Supports automated responses and canned replies for quicker communication.

⚡Provide context to customer conversations.

💼Offers tools for team collaboration on customer communication. 👩‍💼👨‍💼


Facilitates easy scheduling of appointments and events.

📝Offers synchronization with external calendars like Google Calendar.

🔗Sends automatic reminders to both users and clients.

⏰Provides a visual overview of schedules for better time management.

👁️‍🗨️Integrates with other features for seamless planning. 🔄

Email Builder

Drag-and-drop functionality for easy email creation.

🖱️Offers a range of customizable templates.

📐Supports the inclusion of images, videos, and dynamic content.

🖼️🎥Allows for personalized email campaigns using contact data.

💌Tracks email performance with metrics like open rates and click-through rates. 📈


Stores detailed contact information in a centralized database.

💾Tracks all interactions with contacts for a complete history.

📜Segments contacts for targeted marketing campaigns.

🎯Integrates with communication tools for easy outreach.

📞Supports import/export of contact lists for data management. 🔄

Pipelines & Opportunites

Visualizes the sales process in customizable pipelines.

📊👁️Tracks progress of sales opportunities.

🧐📈Helps prioritize and focus on high-value deals.

💎🔝Integrates with contact management for detailed client information.

📇🔍Supports forecasting and sales performance analytics. 📉🔮


Streamlines repetitive tasks to enhance efficiency.

💡Can set up automated email responses, SMS, and notifications.

📧📱Allows creation of custom workflows for different business processes.

🛠️🌟Supports integration with other apps and services for broader automation capabilities.

🔗Features conditional logic for complex, scenario-based automations. 🧠

Website & Funnel Builder

Offers a drag-and-drop interface for easy website creation.

🖱️Includes a variety of templates for different business needs.

🎨Integrates with analytics tools for tracking visitor behavior and conversion rates.

📊Supports responsive design for optimal viewing on all devices.

📱💻Allows creation of landing pages, lead capture forms, and e-commerce functionalities. 🛍️📝

Chat Widget

Can be embedded into websites for live customer support.

💻Customizable to match the brand’s look and feel.

🎨Supports automated chat responses for common inquiries.

🤖Collects visitor information for lead generation.

📊Offers offline messaging options for when live agents are not available. 📩


Facilitates secure online transactions.

🔒Integrates with various payment gateways and methods.

🏦🔌Offers features for subscription-based billing.

📆💳Includes fraud detection and security measures.

🔍🛡️Provides detailed financial reporting and reconciliation tools. 📑🔍

Surveys & Forms

Easy creation of custom surveys and forms.

✍️Collects valuable customer feedback and data.

📈👥Supports various question types and logic paths.

❓🧭Integrates data with other features for holistic analysis.

🔗Provides analysis tools for survey responses and data trends. 🔬📊

Reputation Management

Monitors online reviews and feedback.

💻👀Alerts users to new reviews or mentions.

🔔Helps manage and respond to customer feedback.

💬👥Analyzes sentiment trends over time.

📉📈Supports reputation management strategies. 🛡️📈


Offers comprehensive reporting on business activities.

📋Customizable reports to focus on key metrics.

📐Includes visualizations like charts and graphs for easier data interpretation.

📉📈Enables real-time data access for timely decisions.

⏱️Supports data export for further analysis. 💾📤

Call Recording

Allows recording of calls made through the platform for reference.

📲Essential for maintaining compliance in certain industries.

🏢Useful for quality assurance and training purposes.

🎓Recordings can be stored securely and accessed easily.

🔒Offers the ability to annotate and share recordings for team collaboration. 📝

Marketing/Social Planner

Helps in scheduling and automating social media posts.

🖥️📆Offers a calendar view for planning marketing campaigns.

🗓️🖋️Integrates with major social media platforms for streamlined management.

🔗👥Provides analytics to measure campaign effectiveness.

📉Supports collaborative planning within teams. 👫🤝


Creates professional-looking invoices quickly.

⏰Supports customization with business branding.

🏷️Integrates with payment systems for faster payment processing.

💨Manages and tracks outstanding invoices.

🔍Offers options for recurring billing and automated reminders. 🔁

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